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Quad biking is an action packed and fun way to discover the thrill of negotiating an all terrain vehicle over cross country trails while still enjoying the superb Bulgarian countryside.
No experience is necessary as training will be given by fully qualified staff at the centre; this also applies to all other activities. We provide all safety equipment for all activites along with helmets, boots and if necessary, waterproof trousers. Large parties are welcome. All participants take part at their own risk.

Walking Routes

Route 1: Borovets Hut “Musala”

It is a 7 hours walking round trip, starting from Borovets, through the “Musalenska puteka” and following the valley of “Tsarska Bistritsa” river.
It is 50 min walking from the highest station of the gondola “Yastrebets”.
The distance from the hut “Musala” to the top “Musala” is 1 hour 50 min wallking.
For professional mountaineers the route is to the top Musala (2925 m).
The altitude is 2389 m.
The route has medium extent of difficulty.

Route 2: Borovets – Hut “Malyovitsa”

It is 16 km and 5 hours walking from Govedartsi village.
By this route the tourists can go also first with car to the complex “Malyovitsa”, and than to the hut “Malyovitsa”.
The tourist complex “Malyovitsa” is about 20 km far from Borovets.
It is 2 hours walking by two directions from complex “Malyovitsa” to the hut “Malyovitsa”.
The altitude is 1960 m.
The route has medium extent of difficulty.

Route 3: Borovets – Hut “Sedemte rilski ezera – The seven lakes of Rila”

There is an old hut of Samokov town with 100 places; and new hut – hotel type of Dupnitsa town with 120 places.
It is 2 hours 30 min walking from hut “Vada”, where the tourists can go with car.
The whole route to the seven lakes of Rila is 5 hours walking.
For beginning tourists is good to go till the third lake on the first day.
The altitude is 2197 m.
The route has medium extent of difficulty.
There is also a second variant: sleeping one night at the hut “Seven lakes of Rila” and going on the next day to Rila Monastery.
It is 5 hours walking to the Rila Monastery, where a bus of the hotel drives the tourists back.

Route 4: Borovets – Hut “Mechit”

The hut is situated in the countryside of Govedartsi village.
It is 2 hours walking up from the villa-complex “Govedartsi”.
It is 5 km far from village of Govedartsi, which is about 10 km far from Borovets.
There is a ski slope and ski drag.
The altitude is 1750 m.
The route has medium extent of difficulty.

Route 5: Borovets – The countryside “Black Rock” (natural landmark)

It is 3 hours walking by two directions, about 4 km far from Borovets.
It is suitable for the first day of the stay, for adaptation to the altitude of the resort Borovets.
The “Black Rock” is granite rocky mass, prominent on 130 m hight over the valley of “Suha Maritsa” river. The place uncovers amazing views.
The route has low extent of difficulty.

Route 6: Dolna Banya Town – Region with mineral source

Hotel “Priroda – Nature” – 2 stars hotel, with waterpool.
Hotel complex “Kedar” – ethno – style, 11 luxurious one family houses, mehana – restaurant.
Airport – for small airplanes – possibility for organizing of flight courses – with registration.
Public mineral baths.

Route 7: Rila Monastery

The Rila Monastery is the biggest monastery complex in Bulgaria and it’s under the aegis of UNESCO. It’s situated 120 km far from ski resort Borovets, 110 km from town of Samokov, 2 hours driving through the town of Dupnitsa and the town of Rila.

It is 6 hours walking from village of Govedartsi through hut “Malyovitsa”, where the tourists can sleep, and top “Malyovitsa”;
It is 6 hours walking through hut “Sedemte rilski ezera – The seven lakes of Rila”, where the tourists can sleep;
It is 7 hours walking through hut “Mechit”, where the tourists can sleep. On the same route is situated hut “Ribni ezera – Fish Lakes”.

Route 8: Borovets – Town of Plovdiv

It is a suitable route for one day traveling. The distance is 120 km.
There is the old town of Plovdiv with a lot of historical sights.
At the brewery “Kameniza” the tourists can test the excellent bier.

There is also a second variant: traveling to “Bachkovski monastery”.

Route 9: Town of Veliko Tarnovo

The town of Veliko Tarnovo is one of the famous old capitals of Bulgaria. It’s situated 200 km far from ski resort Borovets. Unique places where the castle “Tsarevets”, the Samovodska charshia, and the art gallery is located, The old town with stone lanes and distinctive small shops is also close by.

Iskar Dam – Region for Hunting

Hunting at “Iskar” and “Avala”
Offering hunting and fishing,
It’s possible to shoot: Royal Stag, Stag Lopatar, Wild Pigs, Small Plumage Game, Jackal, Wolf, and Bear.